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Why Attitude is Everything in the World of Property Management

Think about the last time you had a fantastic customer service experience. Perhaps you were on vacation and received a complimentary bottle of champagne and a kind note from the hotel reception desk to make your stay more special. Or maybe you were extended a kind smile or friendly greeting from a fast food employee when you weren't expecting it. These kinds of customer service interactions, whether small or large, can make or break an experience. What matters more than almost anything? Attitude.

Attitude makes all the difference, especially in industries driven by customer service. While a great attitude can't solve every problem, it can get you farther than you might expect. Take a look at the Yelp reviews of Scott Safadi's own Cal Bay Property Management and you'll see one particular name come up again and again: Gustavo. His commitment to serving tenants while maintaining a great attitude is what makes him stand out in the minds of reviewers. Channeling some of that attitude can help your company stand out in a similar way.

In many cases, your prospective tenants will have their pick of a number of different apartments in which to live. While their options might vary slightly in location or price, chances are good that you'll need to go the extra mile to convince certain tenants to take the plunge and sign a lease with you. While expensive amenities are nice, the easiest and most affordable way to stand out amongst your competitors is to adjust your attitude.

Go above and beyond what's expected. Greet everyone with a smile and call tenants by name when possible. Offer the level of service you would hope someone else might extend to your mother or brother. By treating residents like family, you foster real relationships that will last far beyond a simple showing of an available apartment.

Attitude can't fix broken appliances or backlogged applications. Attitude can't prevent rent from increasing or keep neighbors quiet. Attitude can, however, make all of the aforementioned experiences a little easier to bear. The next time you find yourself frustrated with a problem brought to you by a tenant, remind yourself of the power of a smile and a positive attitude.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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