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The California Apartment Association Advises Renters of Their Rights

The president of Cal Bay Property Management, Scott Safadi has served the large-scale real estate management company since 2003. As an experienced rental-industry professional, Scott Safadi is also an active member of the California Apartment Association (CAA).

The CAA represents those who own, build, maintain, and manage multi-family rental units throughout the state. The Association offers a library of online resources for California renters as well. In addition to reading about the many advantages renting brings, tenants can learn information about how to find a place to live and navigate the sometimes complicated process of renting.

Especially valuable to tenants, the California Apartment Association also provides a Resident Bill of Rights, a primer advising residents of their basic rights under California law. This document is not a comprehensive account of all the rights and responsibilities afforded to California tenants, but simply a guide and starting place.

The Resident Bill of Rights reminds renters that they are entitled to timely repairs and maintenance work. It also notes that landlords are required to give proper notice before entering a tenant’s home, and gives tenants a place to start learning about security deposits.


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