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Summer Maintenance Projects: Your To-Do List

· Scott Safadi,Palo Alto California

Temperatures are scorching, kids are out of school and your community pool is crowded from open until close. That's right, it's summer time! For many summer lovers, this is the most wonderful time of the year. For property owners, summer means time for heavy duty maintenance projects. Need some help creating your to do list? Cal Bay Property Management's Scott Safadi has the ideas you need to get started. His list includes:

General Inspection. You should be inspecting your property thoroughly about once each season. These quarterly inspections can help prevent any unexpected maintenance surprises like a broken HVAC system. Get your tenants in on the job and ask them to change their air filters, check their gutters for clogs and look to see that their HVAC systems are indeed working as they should. Preventative maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of stress down the road!

Pool Maintenance. Your pool is likely getting a lot of action this summer. Since we're about halfway through the season, now is the time to conduct a thorough cleaning of the space. And we're not just talking skimming leaves off the top. Instead, ensure safety signs are clear (and not faded from the sun), clean up any trip hazards and power wash your deck areas. You'll be thankful you did a midpoint clean up when it comes time to clean the pool to close up in August or September!

Prep for Forest Fires (Just in Case!) There's a lot that property managers can do to prepare for forest fires. Remove debris from your property and trim down any vegetation on the borders of your property. If you have communal grills, post safety reminders about avoiding out of control embers. Consider also trimming down vegetation near the grills, too. Make sure you've got a great irrigation system going to ensure your grass isn't drying out. Programmable sprinklers are a great way to conserve water and make sure your grass is green throughout the season.

Tenant Morale. There's no better time than summer to remind your tenants why it's so great to live in your community. Host barbecues, pool parties and other community events to encourage folks to renew their leases! While you've got tenants chatting over burgers and hot dogs, check in with them about their living experience. It's a great, low-pressure way to garner feedback you can really put into use!

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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