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Social Media Lessons Every Property Manager Should Learn

Social media has become a major cornerstone of modern society. Not only do we rely upon it to keep in touch with friends and family, it's also the place where we learn about trends, keep up with the news and market our businesses. Though social media marketing is nothing new, it's important to remember that the evolution of internet marketing is never ending. Every few months, there's a new strategy to try out or tool to use. With that in mind, Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends always keeping these social media lessons in mind:


Tell Stories


So many marketers get so caught up in their message that they forget about how they're telling their audience about their business. Rather than focus solely on the vacancies your community has available, instead paint a picture of what life is like for your current tenants. This strategy is so much more effective than simply spouting off facts and figures about your availability.


Mix Up the Medium


There's nothing wrong with photos and text. Arguably, they are the bread and butter of the internet. Still, it pays to keep the algorithms on their toes and keep your audience interested with different kinds of content. Videos sound difficult to produce, but they don't have to be overly complicated. Even simple whiteboard style animations can be affordable to produce and can really stand out on a timeline.


Tap into Emotions


The best kind of marketing gets to people on an emotional level. It's why animal charities employ sappy music and footage of sad animals to encourage viewers to donate. While this exact strategy doesn't have place in the real estate world, consider the tone of the messages you send out. Rather than appeal solely to your audience's logic, try to hone your communications to elicit an emotional response. This doesn't have to equal sappy: anytime you can make your audience laugh, smile or pause and think about something, you'll have captured their attention!


Ultimately, social media is an art, not a science. While strategists will argue there is a precise formula you can follow, the reality is that the formula is constantly changing. By sticking to tried and true strategies that capture the hearts and minds of your audience, however, you can ensure your message is effective regardless of the incoming or outgoing social media trends.


- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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