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Property Management for Introverts

From an outsiders perspective, extroversion may appear to be a job requirement for anyone hoping to become a property manager. Given how much social interaction is required with both tenants and staff, extroverts certainly have an advantage over more quiet, introverted types. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management encourages introverts to rethink how they view themselves when it comes to property management. Many of the unique traits of introverts actually come in handy in the rental world! Here are some surefire ways to be successful as an introverted property manager:


Dress for Success


Having confidence in the workplace is all about comfort. That doesn't mean you should roll into the office in sweatpants, but it does mean you should choose clothes you feel the most "you" in. Whether you're interacting with the same old folks or prospective new tenants, an outfit that makes you feel good can ensure you're at your most confident. That confidence is contagious, and will make people inherently trust your enthusiasm for your property.


Harness Your Eye for Detail


Introverts have a lot of wonderful qualities, including their eye for small details. This can be an extremely valuable trait in an industry that's all about the details. Put your skills to work looking over contracts, lease agreements and even the work done by contractors. That innate tendency to look for small mistakes will serve you well in this line of work.


Keep Emotions Private


This will be easy for any true introvert. Whereas extroverts wear their hearts on their sleeves, introverts are masters at maintaining their poker face. This is excellent news for anyone hoping to work as a property manager. There will be countless occasions where you'll need to be polite and guarded about difficult emotions. Introverts will ace any test on those traits, making this a no brainer tip.


Learn Through Observation


On the job training is practical and incredibly useful. There's perhaps no quicker way to learn a skill than watching someone in action and mimicking their behavior. With that in mind, use your keen powers of observation to learn something new every day. While watching your plumber repair a broken toilet is one way to do this, even observing habits of your tenants can make you a better property manager.


There are no rules for property management, which makes it an industry in which extroverts and introverts alike can succeed. As long as you recognize your assets and use them in smart, unique ways, you'll be sure to find your way regardless of your personality type.


- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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