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Property Management Certifications Worth Investing In

Every career path has its hurdles. While some professions require years of schooling and training, others require on-going certification tests and professional development. For property managers, it's a good idea to get a well-rounded and lengthy list of certifications to add to your resume. Not only will these certifications make you more well-rounded, they'll add serious value to your community, too. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends looking into these valuable certifications:

Real Estate Broker's License or Property Manager's License

Most states require either of these licenses for those interested in working in the industry. If you're hoping to oversee property, list vacancies and negotiate lease terms, you'll likely need one of these. Both options require classes, continuing education and the passing of a certification exam.

Certified Property Manager (CPM)

While not strictly required in any state, the CPM can help you stand above your peers. Considered the gold standard for property managers around the world, this certification is administered by the Institute of Real Estate Management. To apply, you'll need at least three years of experience managing a portfolio of properties and hold a broker's license.

Residential Management Professional (RMP)

Similar to the CPM certification, the RMP is instantly recognizable and respected throughout the property management world. With similar requirements as the CPM, the RMP is worth tackling for the access to even more respected certifications from the NARPM.

No matter which certification you pursue, continuing education is always important. Push yourself to stay at the top of your game with these helpful certifications!

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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