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Print Marketing for Your Property

In the 21st century, it can be hard to justify investing in print marketing. After all, we're a digital society made up of people glued to their smartphones. While internet marketing should certainly not be neglected given our reliance upon technology, print marketing should also not be given the shaft. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends giving print marketing a second thought. There is room for both analog and digital in your marketing strategy!


We're all used to receiving important information via snail mail. Everyday life is filled with jury duty summonses, bills and cards from friends. Marketing is about meeting people where they are at. If prospective tenants are guaranteed to check their mailbox each day and you forgo the opportunity to get inside of it, you miss out on a great platform for marketing.


Consider, too, the sheer amount of noise in the average email inbox. Compared with the few odd pieces of junk mail in our actual mailbox, emails can easily get lost in the shuffle. That is not to say you shouldn't send emails. Send both and double your chances of getting the right prospective tenant's eyes on your message.


Print marketing can also lend a sense of authority to your marketing campaign. Like it or not, internet marketing is not always the most trustworthy. Who among us has not received a spam email from a suspicious account? On the other hand, print marketing is reserved for real businesses investing in their company. The existence of the print material lends an air of trustworthiness that an email simply does not.


There is also the permission aspect to consider. Anyone anywhere can send a piece of mail, but email marketing is permission-based. In order to send out an email sharing your current vacancies, you'll need to build an email list of people who have opted into sharing such details with you. Chances are good, even the most robust email list will be smaller than the list of addresses you can put together to send out a physical mailer.


Of course, the physical advantages of print marketing should not be discounted, either. While it takes only a moment to delete an email you don't think you're interested in, taking a flyer out of a mailbox forces you to look at it and consider the message. It may sit out on a coffee table or counter top for a few days, creating multiple opportunities for a prospective tenant to reconsider your message.


Print messaging should encompass more than just direct mail, too. Brochures, business cards, letterhead, billboards and even old-fashioned newspaper advertisements. The sky is the limit for print, so your team should not be so quick to focus all your attention and investment into digital marketing. There is room for both.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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