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Prep Your Property for a Showing

· Palo Alto California,Scott Safadi,housingforgoogle,San Jose

They say April showers bring May flowers, but April also brings a host of spring cleaning chores to the front of people's minds. As families relax on spring break, property managers are inching ever closer to their busy season. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends getting proactive about preparing your property for showings. Take the following steps to ensure you're ready for action:

Organize Your Office

After a few months of hibernation, it's easy for your office to feel cluttered. Physically, though, an office in disarray sends a message to current and prospective tenants alike that you're not adequately taking care of business. Take a look at paperless options for your office to help cut down on some of the clutter, and consider investing in a few new pieces to help warm up the atmosphere. In many cases, your office is the place where you'll seal the deal, so you'll want to put on as friendly a face as possible.

Undo Winter's Presence

Whether you live in California or Michigan, winter takes an undeniable toll on rental properties. While ice and snow are more obviously destructive, even a season of slightly chilly temperatures can result in major changes to your landscaping. Thankfully, with warm temperatures returning, it's the best time of year to create some gorgeous curb appeal. Plant flowers, pick up debris and rake any leaves leftover from fall.

Upgrade Shared Spaces

Pools are great, but what's even better than a pool? A water slide. While not every property needs to invest in a water slide, it's just one example of an affordable amenity that takes very little to install. If you're looking for something a little more appealing to your entire community, perhaps look into upgrading your patio furniture around the pool, or invest in new equipment for your community gym.

Set the Stage

If you stage an apartment to show to prospective tenants, it's important to refresh the unit for the busy season that lies ahead. Open up windows for a few hours to get some fresh air circulating and leave blinds open for incoming guests. Be sure to stow away any cleaning supplies you use, and consider investing in a oil diffuser to help combat stale odors.

Whether you embrace just one of these tips or add them all to your to-do list, preparing for the busy season is always a good idea.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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