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Making Carpet Last in Your Rental Properties

· Palo Alto California,Scott Safadi,housingforgoogle,San Jose

Carpet is something that can make or break a property's appeal to tenants. Stains, tears and smells can turn an otherwise lovely apartment unit into a totally unappealing setting. Unfortunately, though, carpet is far more likely to sustain such damage before it ever wears out. So should property managers just suck it up and expect to replace carpets between tenants? Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management argues that there are steps to take to prevent such damage. We're sharing a few of them today.

1. Use hard-surfaces at entry points.

Just because you're using carpet throughout the majority of the unit doesn't mean you can't throw in a splash of laminate or hard wood here and there. Considering how messy entryways can get after a person walks their dog through mud puddles or children go out to play in the snow. By using hard-surfaces in such spots, you can prevent a lot of the wear and tear associated with those locations.

2. Professionally clean carpets annually.

Passing on this responsibility (and cost) to tenants is a surefire way to annoy renters. In their busy lives, tenants don't want to spend time or money scheduling such services. Because a professional carpet cleaning can significantly extend the life of carpeting, factor it into your budget instead. Your bottom line will thank you when it comes time to move one tenant out and another tenant in!

3. Opt for hard-surfaces where stains are likely.

Carpet in the bathroom may seem retro, but it's surprisingly common even in the 21st century. By replacing carpet in high trafficked areas where water may do significant damage, property owners can avoid some of the worst kinds of stains, wear and tear. Opt for hardwood or laminate flooring in spots like the kitchen and dining room when possible.

4. Give the gift of a vacuum.

Believe it or not, but some tenants may not see the point in vaccuuming. Ever. They may not even bother to buy a vacuum at all. With that in mind, consider investing in a vacuum cleaner for the unit they rent. While you can't ensure they will use it, you can up the chances that they may break it out a few times. No need to go into debt purchasing such vacuums, either. Basic models start as low as $30.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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