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Mailing List Makeovers

· Palo Alto California,Scott Safadi,housingforgoogle,San Jose

Email marketing is seen as a necessary evil in 2018. Every company has them, and everyone's inbox is full of corporate newsletters. While you might ignore spam messages from companies you purchased shoes from two years ago, the vast majority of these emails are actually opened and read. While you may see these messages as annoying, most people are more likely to engage with direct marketing than with other forms of advertising. After all, says Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management, these are emails folks opted into.

Breaking through to potential tenants can be easy with these email marketing campaigns. It starts with a little strategy. If you and your marketing team are not considering your target audience and what you hope to accomplish with your email newsletters, you need to go back to the drawing board. Think about the age and background of the folks reading your email and consider those things when you write.

With your target demographics in mind, pen a newsletter that speaks the same language they do. Forgo technical jargon. While it might make you sound smarter, you risk alienating an audience who will become quickly bored by industry terms. Create subject lines that are engaging and fun. Who can resist opening an email with a subject line like "Want discounted rent?" or "Exciting plans for 2018!"

Ultimately, your email marketing campaign should foster relationships with the people on your mailing list. Provide helpful, useful content that will entertain and inform your audience. You can and should share information about your property and vacancies, but an email marketing campaign is the perfect platform to blend the personal with the professional. By using your personality in these emails, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority figure in the community.

Email marketing should not replace social media marketing. Instead, blend the two to establish a voice across platforms. Social networking should complement the work you do with your emails. Folks tend to check email and their social networks when they get online, so make sure your message is similar in both mediums. Of course, repeating content is a no no. Instead, find a unique way to present similar ideas on multiple platforms.

Just having a regular e-newsletter is an accomplishment. By making your content more engaging, more fun and more informative, though, you can ensure your time is not being wasted sending emails nobody opens. Meet with your marketing team today to begin planning your own mailing list makeover.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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