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Kelly Faces Challenge with Kaepernick

Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi is the general manager of Cal Bay Property Management, a Palo Alto real estate management company that specializes in multi-family properties. Moreover, Scott Safadi is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

In addition to bringing the 49ers back to their winning ways, one of the biggest challenges for new head coach, Chip Kelly, will be restoring quarterback Colin Kaepernick to his former glory.
Kaepernick led San Francisco to a Super Bowl under Jim Harbaugh. Subsequently, in the wake of a messy divorce between the 49ers and Harbaugh, he did not fare well. He languished under Jim Tomsula then he was benched after injury last season. During the off-season, Kaepernick underwent surgical procedures on his right thumb, left knee, and left shoulder. Then he flirted heavily with the possibility of being traded to the Denver Broncos.
These factors mean that Kelly will have his work cut out for him. Questions linger about Kaepernick’s commitment to the 49ers, but, to his credit, the quarterback has been a daily fixture at off-season minicamps. For his part, Kelly says that he has been impressed with Kaepernick’s decision making in drills and that he will increase the latter’s workload as his health improves.

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