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How Water Damage Presents Big Property Risks

When we consider the possible damages to rental property, our minds often go to the kind of things inflicted by tenants themselves: stained carpeting, damaged drywall and broken appliances. While these kinds of damages are indeed noteworthy, it's important to remember than water damage is among the leading causes of property damage in the rental world. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management reminds landlords that staying vigilant to any signs of water damage. Even the earliest indicators can have big ramifications on your bottom line.

There are multiple culprits responsible for water damage inside the average rental home or apartment. Gutters can overflow, drains can become backed up and washing machines can malfunction. To be proactive about preventing the worst kinds of water damage, property managers must stay vigilant to any changes in their communities.

For example, consider checking your water bills every few months. Unexpected increases in your bills can indicate that you have a leak. Other preventative measures come down to maintenance. Gutters must be cleaned in a timely manner to prevent leaves from becoming waterlogged. Leaking sinks and appliances must also be attended to and maintained regularly to prevent long-lasting water damage.

Ultimately, property managers must rely upon their little black book of trusted experts to help them prepare and prevent water damage from occurring. Developed a relationship with a certified plumber who can sniff out possible water damage. They will not come cheap, but the work they do can save you thousands over the long haul.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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