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Embracing Color Trends in 2018

Chasing trends can be a fool's errand. If you're not careful, adorning your properties with the latest and trendiest of decor can quickly date an apartment or home. Opt for the alternative, however, and you risk leaving your units outdated and old-fashioned. So what's a property owner to do? Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends staying abreast of the changing color trends and keeping them in mind when updating your property.

With that in mind, here are a few of 2018's most exciting color trends and easy ways to incorporate them:

Peaceful Blue-Greens

Nothing says serene like the blue-greens that have come into fashion this year. Evoking peaceful seas, the color has a way of putting a person in a vacation state of mind. While a brighter pastel version was more common in 2017, the quieter blue-green trend of 2018 can infuse a space with quiet and calm. Mellow enough for any room of the house, try it in the bedroom or bathroom for the ultimate relaxation setting.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Gray has been en vogue for years. As a neutral, it will always be in style to some degree. In 2018, though, purple-tinted grays are ideal for spaces you want to be more inviting. The warmth of the color makes it perfect for entry ways and dining rooms. Blue-grays, on the other hand, lend freshness to any space. Versatile and tranquil, blue-grays should be used in the same way blue-greens are used: in bathrooms, bedrooms and other serene spaces.

Sunny Yellow

Those in an adventurous mood should embrace bright yellows and goldenrods in 2018. Not only to the energize a space, they have a way of uplifting one's mood. Ideal for the kitchen, yellows can spark an appetite and get you in the mood to cook. A pale yellow can also work beautifully in a home office, providing a happy and productive air to a room.

Warm Beiges

Beige is a permanent fixture in homes and apartments across the country. For property owners and managers hoping to bring their properties into the 21st century, though, beige can be updated. Embrace a pinky brown for living spaces rather than the brown-beiges of years past. Paired with light blue decor and natural wood floors, beige can feel ultra-modern and chic.

No matter how you choose to incorporate color in your space, these options are sure to brighten up a home.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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