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Disc Golf Provides Alternative Exercise and Health Benefits

Scott Safadi

As the general manager of Cal Bay Property Management in Palo Alto, California, Scott Safadi focuses on managing multifamily properties. In his free time, Scott Safadi enjoys playing disc golf.

Disc golf has been shown to have multiple health benefits for those who play it. In contrast to many regular golf courses, most disc golf courses are free, so players do not have to pay a fee every time they want to play. This alone can contribute to increased frequency of play. Additionally, because the sport is often viewed as a fun excursion in nature, most players are more likely to play it several times a week rather than go to an exercise class, for example.

Moreover, to make shots, disc golf demands a high level of focus. Akin to meditation, such focus can be an excellent stress reliever.

Because of the preponderance of disc golf communities, players can also expect a fair amount of camaraderie and encouragement. This can contribute not only to rapid improvement in play, but also a general sense of wellbeing.


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