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Data Theft Prevention Tips for Property Managers

· Scott Safadi,Palo Alto California,housingforgoogle,San Jose,Atari-themed

When it comes to protecting ourselves in the digital era, knowledge truly is power. Thankfully, Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management has some helpful tips to ensure your property management data is secure and to reduce the chances of a cyber attack. Global data theft can happen to virtually anyone, and with the sensitive tenant data they possess, property managers are often sitting ducks. Protect your assets and secure your data with these tips:

Protect Your Password

Just as you wouldn't leave your front door open when you leave for the day, it's crucial to protect your password. In fact, everyone on your team should comply with strict password policies that make harder-to-crack logins. Remind employees, too, that sharing passwords even amongst themselves is a bad idea.

Shut Computers Down

When the offices close for the evening, do you have employees put their computers to sleep, or should you have them shut them down completely? Experts say that the latter can keep your workplace data more protected. Even if folks allow their computers to go to sleep on the clock, they should password protect their workstation.

Practice What You Preach

When it comes to handling sensitive data, it's important to hold yourself to the same standard that you hold employees. It's important to discourage wandering eyes, but keeping confidential data out of sight is just as crucial. If you have important paperwork in need of protecting, make sure it is filed responsibly. Even when it's inconvenient, storing such details carefully will keep you and your team safer.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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