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Alternative Flooring Options

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Accidents happen. Even the neatest, cleanest of tenants can damage your property unintentionally. The good news? There are a number of alternative flooring options that can save property owners money and time. Cal Bay Property Management's Scott Safadi says that while carpet and hardwood flooring might be the most popular options, these alternative flooring options are well worth considering. No-hassle flooring options mean preventing damage and ensuring a long-lasting investment. Check out these three options:

Polished Concrete

Anyone who has ever lived with polished concrete floors will tell you how amazing it is. A special machine uses diamonds to polish the concrete and give it a high shine. Once it is stained, the concrete mimics the look of tile, marble or other high-end flooring options. Stain and water resistant, polished concrete is incredibly durable and can help keep warm apartments cool. The surface is impenetrable, making mold growth impossible. These floors are so low maintenance that landlords will love how easy they are to clean between tenants. Less cleaning means less time the unit has to sit empty!

Epoxy Floor Paint

Typically used for garages and driveways, epoxy floor paint has grown in popularity over the years. Homeowners and landlords are embracing the paint because of how versatile it can be. The paint creates polymer bonds as it cures. That means the floor becomes super flexible and durable once dry. The thick paint bonds well with sub-flooring and creates a waterproof surface. Epoxy floor paint cannot be stained and is virtually impenetrable. Use it on wood flooring to prevent a mold resistant surface, or on concrete to prevent dusting.

Bamboo Flooring

If you're worried about the environment and want your apartment to be as green as possible, bamboo flooring is the way to go. A type of grass, bamboo renews itself quicker than the trees that provide most types of flooring. When woven tightly, bamboo makes for flooring that is even more durable than traditional wood floors. Because bamboo is water-resistant, it is less likely to warp. It can also be stained multiple colors, giving you some creativity in your design.

It is easy to see why these alternative flooring options are growing in popularity. Affordable and easy to care for, bamboo, epoxy paint and polished concrete are all great choices for your rental home.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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