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    Scott Safadi is a respected San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur who guides Cal Bay Property Management (CBPM) as founder and CEO. Over the past 11 years, he has built CBPM into a firm with a quickly expanding portfolio of apartment units. Maintaining a strong base of affiliates in the construction and repair industry, Scott Safadi personally handles issues as they arise, from broken pipes to difficult locks.

    Mr. Safadi believes in the importance of upgrading apartment units so as to add significant property value. In his estimation, an interior improvement should ideally pay for itself within 5 years. He takes pride in undertaking work that is reasonably priced and designed to last, while staying strictly within owners’ budget parameters.

    Mr. Safadi holds a degree from Dartmouth College, which he entered as a pre-med genetics major before discovering a passion for philosophy. An avid snowboarder, he took to the slopes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for several months while an undergraduate. To this day, Scott Safadi enjoys winter sports and visits ski resorts around Lake Tahoe regularly with his family.

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